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The Hunt

To paraphrase Ethan "What" Suplee in Mallrats, "You dumb bastards." A much slimmer Suplee is on display in The Hunt, a movie that proves his Mallrats message to Magic Eye-bragging kids in 1995 applies just as much today to all the dumb bastards who've been suckered into thinking that America's problems boil down to Left vs. Right, Liberal vs. Conservative rather than Haves vs. Have Nots.

Seriously, you dumb bastards, how can you not see that the corporate-political ruling class is laughing at you as you tear each other apart over meaningless, prefab wedge issues while the top 1% of the top 1% happily keep you slaving away at shitty jobs that barely let you keep your head above water while they turn their millions of bucks into billions. They NEED the rest of us distracted because otherwise we'll wake up one day, realize the game is rigged in favor of the Exxons, Halliburtons, Clintons, and Trumps of the world 100% AT OUR EXPENSE, and finally decide that our government doesn't need a makeover; it needs to be taken down to studs and concrete and rebuilt from the ground up.

The Hunt is a perfect example of a non-issue that the Haves tried to use to keep the Have Nots busy. Trump hisownself even tweeted about how dangerous it was . . . without having seen it, of course. You dumb bastards! The Hunt couldn't be any stupider, muddier, or less important if it was a spinning stoner at the last attempt at a Woodstock.

Powerful people hunting weaker people for sport is a story that's been around for at least a century, so the plot of The Hunt is nothing new. Usually, the hunters are rich, white guys, and the hunted are poor folks and/or minorities. The Hunt thinks it's so fucking savvy for making the hunters - still by and large rich, white people - care about global warming and political correctness. Wow. So daring.

The hunted are stereotypes of Red State Trump lovers. Except when they're not. Just like a country full of people who let themselves get shit on, right in their gaping pie holes, every day by rich fuckstains who couldn't care less about anything but making more money, The Hunt doesn't have the first clue what's going on, what's important, or how to make any difference. It's the very definition of much ado about nothing.

You dumb bastards.

June 19, 2020

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