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   The funniest, nastiest movie reviews anywhere.

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Do you love movies? Sure, we all do!  But you know what they say:

You always hurt the ones you love.

The rest of us have to take the all too frequent beatings life dishes out. Why should movies be any different? But who could love movies enough to make mean, merciless, mad fun of them?

Cinemavenger. That's fucking who. 

An equal-opportunity offender, Cinemavenger delivers hilarious, weekly ass-kickings to action flicks, comedies, dramas, the art house independents . . . no movie is safe.

Cinemavenger - making movies cry since 2014.

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Now, for all the mouth-breathers out there, here's the A-B-C version of what the fuck is going on.

A)  The reviews are meant to make you laugh and the movies shit themselves in horror.

B)  The rating scale is the "objective" measure of how good the movie actually is.

C)  One middle finger is the best rating.  It's like 5 stars on some other, lame movie review site. 5 middle fingers is the worst rating. It's like 1 star.